Saturday, May 28, 2016

Snorkel Trip

This weekend, I went out with a few friends on a snorkel trip to an outer area of the atoll. The longish trip out of town was definitely rewarded with tons of fish and great coral.

 Let's see what's underwater...

 Ready for fun!

 Pacific double-saddle butterflyfish

 Regal angelfish

 Reef wall

 Coral cave

 Near and far

 Fish meeting

 Leaf reflection

 Lemonpeel angelfish and reef whitetip shark

 Da-dum da-dum

 Saddled butterflyfish


 A red? lemonpeel angelfish

 Pink coral

 Blue coral

 Reticulated butterflyfish and whitecheek surgeonfish

 White coral

 White-spotted surgeonfish

Coral garden

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