Monday, June 20, 2016

WAM Canoe Ride

Today, we headed out for a ride in a traditional Marshallese outrigger canoe with Carri and Jason. It was so peaceful and fun! The biggest surprise for me was that when it was time to tack, they literally picked up the mast and moved it to the other end of the canoe!

 Kylie wasn't old enough for the outrigger, so she got a mini-boat ride in the rubber raft!

 Rowing like a pro

 Ready to set sail

 Pile o' canoes

 Raising the sails

 Anchors aweigh


 Mackerel skies

 The moveable mast

 Our whole crew

 The S.S. Tobolar back from it's recent trip to collect copra from the outer islands

 Now that's a purse seiner!

 Sailing selfie

 This is the life!

 Up close and personal with the Jang Bo Go

 Back to shore

 Sailing buddies

Thanks WAM!

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