Saturday, September 12, 2009

Road Trip Day 6: Cleveland, OH to Falls Church, VA

After a weird, dismal and disappointing night in Cleveland, OH Eric and I prepared to make our triumphant return to Virginia.  It was almost exactly four years ago that we moved out here the first time, but this time we have a purpose for the journey.  We began the day in Cuyahoga National Park, which, like our other Ohio experiences, we found to be lacking.  After Ohio, we traveled through Pennsylvania and Maryland, then through to Virginia.  It is good to be back in Utz and Chick-Fil-A country :)  Here are the sights from the road today...
This is a bridge in the park.  It was pretty, and the mirror image was cool...but should it be in the same class as Yellowstone?  You be the judge!  

More views from the park..still pretty, but...

This is what is known as a "ski hill" in Ohio.  Hill indeed!
This is kind of random, but for everyone's safety please consult the "Shelf Life" column of this spreadsheet before you consider purchasing a gas station sandwich.
 And we've arrived!

That's it for tonight.  We are very happy to be out of the car and moved into our new apartment.  We will post pics of the place tomorrow after we have it all put together.  Have a great night!!

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  1. Glad you arrived safe and sound! Can't wait to see pictures of your new home - Linda