Saturday, September 4, 2010

Team Mexico Reunion

Labor Day weekend we had visitors from all across Mexico with a mini-reunion with the girls from Autumn's training in DC. Our first stop of the weekend was the Centro Historico.

The National Pawn Shop all decorated for the 200 Anniversary of Mexican Independence.

National Cathedral

Latin American Tower...the second tallest in Mexico City

Views from the top

I can see our house!

It just keeps going and going and going....

Ok, I guess it does finally end when you get to the mountains!

Enjoying the view.

Please note that this warning is only in English. I guess it just goes without saying that no Mexican would be dumb enough to use this coin binocular to stare directly at the sun!

Our next stop of the day was San Angel for the Saturday arts and crafts bazaar. We thought that it would be a "unique cultural experience" to ride the subway down there....and it was! So, the Metro here is generally considered safe, but they have a big problem with GROPING! It's so prevalent that at peak times there are separate cars available for women and children to avoid the grope-ready hands of the general population. Well, this wasn't a "peak time", so those cars weren't available, and it was massively packed. Autumn and one of our friends BOTH got butt-groped, and after hearing about the tragic event...everyone else was a little like, "Well, what's wrong with me? Aren't I attractive enough to be groped?" Grope-worthiness aside, I don't think anyone will be suffering any long-lasting psychological trauma from the experience, and we all lived to ride the Metro another day!

After browsing the goods in the market and grabbing lunch, we headed over to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's house.

Diego lived in the white house and Frida in the blue...but at least she had a little bridge to go to and fro.

Guess who was excited to see a cactus fence?

Diego's studio.

Final stop of the day!

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