Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mexi-Roadtrip #1: Tula

This weekend we drove up to Tula, ancient capital of the Toltecs. We drove up with Autumn's boss and her daughter, and had a great time. Ruins, popsicles, traffic....what could be better!

LEFT: Pistachio
RIGHT: Banana with chocolate, coconut and pecans!

It was all we could do to keep Autumn from hugging and/or eating the ripe, juicy cacti!

Hola, Toltec warrior-dude!

Guillermo, Jorge, Juan Carlos and Chewy 

We're on a pyramid!

Views of the from the Burnt Palace

Agghh! My back!

Ball court....of DEATH!

Templo Mayor

Pyramid of the Morning Star

How do I get down?

I've got a fever and the only prescription is more PYRAMID!

And more CACTUS!


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