Saturday, October 2, 2010

Puerto Vallarta!

CAUTION! Your luggage may have shitted during the flight...

Or at least that's what the flight attendant announced as we arrived in Puerto Vallarta on Friday night. After dining on granola bars and the in flight snack of "cracker peanuts" (a peanut encapsulated in a crunchy cracker coating), we were starving and happy to be able to order American chicken strips at the hotel bar.

Welcome to Puerto Vallarta

Misty mountain morning!

View from the room

Saturday morning we got up early for a snorkel trip in the Marietas Islands. After a botched cab ride that ended up with us at the cruise ship terminal, we made it to the boat launch and were on our way. We weren't aware of this before going, but it is not currently tourist season, so we ended up with the boat practically to ourselves! Our boat-mates were two guys heading out for their final scuba certifications, Captain Emilio and guide-of-sorts...Nacho!

Leaving the marina

Waiting while we filled up the boat with gas.
Since Mexico is so well known for their stringent safety regulations, we weren't allowed to sit in the boat while they filled up the gas tank...but life jackets...? Who needs 'em?


Hola Sr. Pez!

Nacho said that he fed these guys each day, so they would be extra friendly!

Too bad the only snacks that Nacho brought for this little fishy were onion and american cheese sandwiches with extra mayo...needless to say, our first stop afterward was LUNCH!


Endangered Species File:
Blue Footed Booby
According to Nacho, that stupid bird that won't let us go on the island!

After we finished looking at the fish, Nacho decided to catch one, but all he got was the prop!

Bird Island!

Snorkling Part II

Schools of fish in the waves

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