Saturday, May 12, 2012

Great Falls National Park

I don't know why I didn't know there was actually nature out here on the East Coast.  This is my third time living back here, and I am only just now discovering that there are parks and places to hike and wild things and everything!  Like back home!!  Well, not quite like back home, but pretty good for such a densely populated place.

This weekend we decided to seek out an outdoor treasure in our own backyard, Great Falls National Park, a mere 20 minute drive from our casa!  The "Great Falls" in question here are the "Great Falls of the Potomac" and they were pretty width and prettiness.

Our first look at the falls.  So pretty!

What a gorgeous day!  Smile!  :)

As we made our way down the trail, we got wider and wider views of the falls.

Here it is in its entirety.

With pine trees like these present, one can blur ones eyes a bit and pretend as though one is a few thousand miles west of here.

Virginia spring flower.

Here is a lizard friend!  Told you there were wild things!!

The view down river.

A colorful spider friend in the branches.

These ferns appear to be waiting for their photo op!

A roof of leaves.

Ruins!!  In Virginia!!  These are the ruins of a canal George Washington had constructed to bypass the falls and make the Potomac a viable shipping lane in and out of the capitol.  Pretty smart guy.

One last worm friend on our way out.  

We had a very pleasant 2 hour walk, and finished off the day at the Outlet mall.  What a nice day!!

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