Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pennsylvania Adventure

For our first (and only) 3-day weekend during Portuguese training, Eric planned out a fantastic trip to Philadelphia for us!  The sun was out (and serious!), and it was time for a road trip...yipee!!!

While in Mexico, planning for a different set of circumstances that did not come to fruition, I ordered a travel book for the USA, thinking Eric and I would have a leisurely road trip from southern Texas to Washington State.  As everyone knows by now, that did not happen....but I really am glad I got that book.  We are discovering all kinds of hidden gems we had no idea about and are really close to us!  We decided to check one out on our way to Philly this weekend.  We stopped by Longwood Gardens for the afternoon to explore a huge arboretum built by the du Pont family, and now open to the public.  It was gorgeous, and Eric took some spectacular plant pictures!  

A tree trained to grow flat against the wall.

Here we are enjoying the sun!  Cheers!

Begonias in full bloom.  There were a lot of these, covering a part of an exhibit.  I love the orange!

One species of the many orchids on display in the hot-as-heck orchid room.

There was a large water feature, too.  This water lily was among many water plants.

We don't know what this is, but we do know it is awesome looking.

Venus Fly Trap just asking for your finger!  The sign said these are native to North Carolina.  I had no idea!

It seemed like every where we looked there were big pretty petunias.

One of many special Hibiscus plants.  Fun fact: The Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii.

 All twisted and tangled...

Up next, topiary garden!  So well kept...

Followed by faux-waterfall and Rapunzel tower!  Nothing says totally man-made waterfall like the extremely powerful smell of chlorine.  It looks pretty though, right?

Here's my baby-cooking progress...6 months of baby in there!!

 Italian Garden Zone...I feel I've been suddenly swept off to Europe!

That is one gigantic bumble bee!

On the way out we passed this pretty sight.  It looks like something from a fairy tale to me.  :)

Longwood Gardens was very fun, and then we hopped in the car and were off for a Phila-dventure!

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