Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kitschy Kitschy Kistch!

On our way back from Smith Mountain Lake, we stopped at Natural Bridge, VA for an afternoon of serious tourist fun.  First stop, The Caverns at Natural Bridge!!

Here we go, cave time!!

Cave stuff!

The guide told us to be careful so much I really thought I would fall!  She also complained the whole time about having to walk so much for her job...but the cave stuff was cool! 

A dry part of the cave.  An interesting tour!  On to the next stop....

Next up, Foamhenge!!

This full scale foam model of Stonehenge was awesome.

Looks so real!

Yikes!!  That's Merlyn trying to zap us!!

Rawr!!  Eric is holding up Stonehenge!

Gorgeous flower!

Next up, the Natural Bridge itself!!

Yay!  Say Queijo!

The Natural Bridge in all of its glory!

The view of the under side of the bridge.

On our way out we saw this awesome King Kong and decided to stop for lunch.

The only thing cool about this place is the outside.  Never eat there.  I should have guessed that it would be bad when I saw the sign "If you have a problem with the way I do things, BUY ME OUT."  To have enough complaints to necessitate this sign should have been a big red flag.  Oh well, at least we got to see King Kong!

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