Saturday, June 23, 2012

Smith Mountain Lake...A Little Break from the City

A some of you may have heard, we are having some weather back here.  Crazy hot and humid weather.  The kind that kills people and animals.  That bad.  In an effort to beat the heat, Eric found us a tiny piece of paradise in the Blue Ridge Mountains called Smith Mountain Lake.  It was a 5 hour journey from DC, but well worth it.  The lake was very clean for swimming, the sun was out an the humidity was down.  Que perfeito!!

On the way out Friday night we ate at one of the best restaurants I have been to in a long time.  It was called Southern Inn Restaurant in Lexington, VA.  If you ever find yourself there, do stop.  It is so good!!

Good morning lake!  We're ready for you!

Cheers!  That would be 29 weeks (7 months) pregnant right there.

There's Eric, enjoying the sun.

Finally, a much needed dip in the refreshing lake!

Look at that set up!  The perfect way to spend a day!

The fish are coming for Eric on his fun noodle float!  Oh no!!

 A little snake friend.  We looked him up and discovered he is a Northern Water Snake.  Not poisonous, just snakey.

Eric had enough sun and had to cover up before he burned to a crisp!!

Happy Lake Day!

 The most perfect dinner to wrap up the most perfect day.

With an equally perfect dessert to go with!

Oops! Forgot to mention an awesome restaurant that we stopped at on the way here!
 The Southern Inn! Delicious!

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