Saturday, April 6, 2013

São Paulo - 1

We finally took our first real trip in Brazil this weekend! Autumn had to go to São Paulo for training, so we took advantage and came down for the whole weekend beforehand. It was a great learning experience for traveling with the baby, and we had a great time! We flew in Friday night, checked into the hotel late and went to bed.

Saturday morning, we got up early and headed straight to Starbucks (which they do not have in Recife....que horror!). Coffee in hand, we went for a walk through Jardins from Avenida Paulista to Rua Oscar Freire (the SP equivalent of 5th Ave in NYC). After our walk, one of our old friends from Portuguese class picked us up for a driving tour of the city, followed by lunch at Hecho en Mexico, some shopping and dinner at Pizza na Mão. Thanks Ezio!

Good morning São Paulo!

 Look at all that city!

 My cute ladies!

Me likey!

 Oh delicious coffee, how we've missed you!
Hello, my name is Alton!

 Looks like we got some knitting vandals on the loose!

 The famous Avenida Paulista

 That's some hardcore instant sleeping!

 I love São Paulo too!

 Of course, we found designer cupcakes right away! YUM!

 Ooh! Que fancy!

What! Wait a minute....where are we?

 Orchids grafted onto a tree!

 Jungle-y city view!

 Alo! Quem fala?

 Almost a group photo!

 It was almost real Mexican food! 

 The Havaianas flagship store!

Where to next?

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