Sunday, April 7, 2013

São Paulo - 2

For our second day of touristing in São Paulo, we had breakfast at Bella Paulista and rode the metrô over to Liberdade, aka Japan-town, for their Sunday market! The food and shopportunities were incredible, as expected! We made a quick stop by the Catedral Metropolitana and then made a misguided attempt to visit a shrine that ended up being closed. After a quick metro ride back to the hotel, we met up with some friends from Recife for lunch at a pretty good crepe restaurant, Bistro Paris. After some objections from the baby, we turned in early to catch up on rest.

 Breakfast at Bella Paulista was good for coffee and pastries.

 I like this guy's schedule! haha!
(It's short for sexta-feira aka Friday, 
but it still cracks me up every time I look at a calendar!)

 Bem vindo a Liberdade!

 Family photo!

 More cool graffiti

 I loved that they had "Mexican Gold" for sale at a Japanese grocery store.

Also love that "okonomiyaki" (a noodle and shrimp pancake) 
is translated into Portuguese as "Japanese Pizza"! 

 Waffers anyone?
Try to NOT say that in an mock-asian accent! It's impossible!'s a gyozão!
This literally weighed like a pound!

 Fresh-squeezed passion fruit juice!

 Some kind of coconut no-bake cookie
(which fell out of that "bag" onto the ground in one second
since it was actually just a paper tube with no bottom!)

 Catedral Metropolitana / homeless camp!

 No Buddhist temple for you!

 Haha! Farto!

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