Friday, May 10, 2013

Daily Challenges

Sometimes people ask what I do all day, and whether I get bored staying at home with Kylie. The answer is a lot, and no, not bored. Here are some examples of the random projects that I end up doing.

The spice grinder broke during our move here, so I had to break out the molcajete  to grind up some allspice by hand (since it is only sold whole here!).

Recipe calls for ground chicken....
....Yup. Looks like I'm grinding my own chicken today!

A pile of very mature bananas means banana bread for Autumn to take to the office!

*CHEESE* with my little partner in crime!

Sometimes Miss K refuses to sit back and watch the action, so I have to take her along with me!

Lastly, Miss K is starting to run out of clothes that fit... a cut off pajama pant leg became a new dress!

Here is a list of other recent things that we've had to make ourselves due to lack of availability or high cost in Brazil:

Tomato / V-8 juice from scratch
Homemade baking powder
Sour cream and buttermilk substitutes
Tortillas (corn AND flour) - they do have flour tortillas, but they are $10+ per pack!!

I guess this is preparing us to become mountain people some day!

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