Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kylie's First Birthday!

Kylie turned one year old today! I can't believe that it's already been a year. Time really is flying by. We had a little birthday party with a few of Kylie's baby friendzinhos! It was Hello Kitty / Mexican themed with tacos and chocolate cake!

Every day is basically Kylie's birthday. Here's a pile of her loot at the airport from our recent trip to DC.

The birthday queen with her very first tiara!

We were also celebrating our first successful year as parents!

Gifts from around the world!

A quick tiara snack

Homemade birthday cake
Devil's Food w/ Blueberry filling and Cocoa Frosting

The birthday girl reigning over her treats table

Happy Birthday Kylie!

Baby sized party snacks:
Teething biscuits, goldfish crackers and animal cookies!

Baby party time in funlandia!

Um...the cake's on fire.
What exactly are you expecting me to do about that?

Me likey!

Opening presents

Finally getting the hang of it around present #4

The best part of any birthday party...
...leftover cake for breakfast!

Thanks to everyone for coming and making Kylie's first birthday so special!

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