Monday, September 30, 2013

All the Way Home!

After 3 days of traveling from Brazil, we finally made it all the way home to Kettle Falls, WA.  It is so great to be home, we are so excited to visit and see everyone, and to spend some quality time in the USA!

First order of business, super fancy baby breakfast!  This is how 1 piece of French Toast comes.  So tiny and cute!

Second order of business, enjoy this huckleberry lemon drop martini.  Those are real huckleberries floating in there.  Yum!

The lake in fall.  So nice.  And chilly.

Kettle Falls got a new restaurant, Rio's Tacos.  We met everyone here for a delicious Mexican feast!

Kylie wearing her new cold weather coat.  (What did you expect??)

Who me?  I'm not playing on any stairs...

Delicious fall bounty from the garden.

 Even Kylie gets to join in on the freshness.

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