Friday, May 9, 2014

Rio Getaway!

To celebrate my friend's birthday, we spent a long weekend in Rio de Janeiro!  It was my second trip, but my first as a tourist.  I visited before in December for my job, and I worked the whole time.  I saw the Christo from a taxi, and that was about it.  This time my friend and I set out to see things that we couldn't bring our kids to, since it was a rare trip without them.

Starting the day off right at Stabucks.  Olin?  That would be me.

Fresh produce in a street market.

This is the Metropolitan Cathedral downtown.  Very modern.

Stained glass inside.

The top.

Next we found this Presbyterian church, so we had a look there too. 

Beautiful and peaceful.

Following this we proceeded to get pretty lost.  Getting lost can be fun too, though.  :)

After getting our bearings and grabbing some lunch, we had a tour of the Municipal Theater.

Stained glass inside.

The ornate interior.

 Dinner brought us to Via Sete, where I had this burger with pesto, cherry tomatoes and burrata.  What a day!

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