Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday in Rio

In order to maximize time between baby naps on this trip, we pre-planned and pre-purchased everything that we wanted to do including our visits to the big Christ statue and Sugarloaf mountain. Unfortunately, it is fall here, and it RAINED ALL WEEKEND!! Oh well, we made the best of it, and had a very relaxing vacation. Less beaches, swimming and touristing than planned, and much more relaxing, strolling, reading and gaming.

 Kylie's "picture face"...
...yeah, we're trying to stop this ASAP!

 Rio breakfast clockwise from top:  
strawberry, passion fruit and pineapple juices, a cheese pastel and a cafe-zinho!

 Autumn never gets her name right on the cup at Starbucks, but mine is accurate 99% of the time in every country! (Sometimes, I get and extra 'k' at the end, but that's understandable!)

 All aboard!

 Look! We're on a train!

 Fogged in at the top!

 Uh oh! Headless Cristo!


 Beautiful views of Rio from the Corcovado!

 Picture-perfect day

...and den....

 Family photo

 Overcast skies at Copacabana

 Empty beaches

 Run! Run! Run!

 A caipirinha and a kiwi juice


 One more view of the stormy day



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