Saturday, June 21, 2014

June Update 2 of 2

Here are a few more photos from my recent phone download, since we'll be staying close to home until the end of the World Cup!

 Kylie has been using the time to catch up on celebrity gossip...
...just like her mama!

 We're taking plenty of coconut breaks!

 Playing dress up with daddy's shoes!

 Homemade bubble solution and wands!



 ...and relaxing!

 Rainy day walk!

 Sunny day trip to the beach

 Coconut break!

 Sneaking her potty step our to swipe some "mommy and daddy only" books!

 Happy Birthday to me! Hammock time!

Eric: Who's hammock is this?
Kylie:  Kylie's!

 F-R-O-S-T-I-N-G ! ! !

 Indoor hammock is the best thing ever!


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