Sunday, July 20, 2014

July Update

The World Cup has come and gone with a victory by Germany. Our colleagues are starting to depart and move onto they're next assignments. We're starting to finalize our plans for coming back home this winter, so overall, it's been a quiet, but interesting month. Kylie is growing cuter by the minute! She's starting to learn some Portuguese so that she can chit-chat with the other kids at the park, and just got her first tricycle!

 Rainy day fun with a homemade choo-choo train 
(aka a plastic tub and a piece of string!)

 Oops! Conductor Autumn must have been speeding!

 Helmets! So we can be safe!

 Snuggled in for Sesame Street with Hello Kitty and Pierre

 Playground fun with Aya and Ben

Brrr! It sure is bem-frio (pretty cold) in "winter" here!

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