Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall in DC

This week, we stocked up on supplies for our next year on the island,  and then took advantage of the wonderful fall weather! We met up with friends for dinner each night, went to museums and shopped 'till we dropped! I love DC more every time we go back! This was a wonderful time of year to visit.

Work is done! Time to play!


 Shopping with mom

 Money from Yap!
Is this accepted at vending machines?

 Butterfly garden
Kylie's favorite / most terrifying exhibit!

 Beautiful butterflies!

 Oh no! They're attacking!

 Ok, they're friendly!

 It wouldn't be DC if they weren't trying to construct a grassy lawn...
 It's a swamp. Just give up!

 Dinner with Naomi in Chinatown 
@ Ping Pong Dim Sum

 Fall splendor


 Playground fun


 American rose!

K: DAD! DAD! DAD! Can I throw a coin into the fountain?
E: Yes.
K: I wish Aya was here!
K: DAD! DAD! DAD! Can I throw a coin ....

 Kylie's prize for being good at the National Gallery

Whew! What a week!

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