Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ron & Julie Visit

Ron and Julie came out to visit us this week! Woo hoo! Our first guests!! In spite of a medical mishap and a visit to the local doctor, I think everyone had fun! I know that Ron & Kylie did!

 First stop - snorkeling!

 Quality time with Kylie as your "guide"

 Good visibility today!

 Coral and fish

 Blue damselfish

 Corals of all colors

 Just one tiny sip!

 Beach BBQ

 Princess robe!
(from craft store remnants!)


 Orange & navy

 Ron's undersea treasures

 More playtime with Kylie

 Palms in the wind

 Coral mounds

 Turtle tracks

 Wanna play?

 Beach mermaid

I could dig all day with grandpa!

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