Thursday, January 7, 2016


Disneyland was a blast, as always! The weather was fair - just rainy enough to keep off the crowds, but not too rainy to spoil the day. This was a great age to take Kylie, but she was still pretty scared of the indoor - aka DARK! - rides. Princesses were met and fun was had by all!

 Good morning Disney!

 Ready for action!


 Lovely ladies!

 Oh boy! A Carousel!

 Let's ride!


 Boo! Ahhhh!

Greeting from Disneyland!


 Rockin' the ears!

 Happy day

 Uh oh! It's Nemo's Submarine of TERROR!

 Whew! Made it...back to the teacups!

 Let's spin!

 At the mouse house!


 Who's drivin' this thing?!?

 Goodbye King Arthur Carousel - see you next year!

Merry Mousey Christmas!

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