Saturday, January 9, 2016

Palm Springs - Living Desert

This morning we drove out to the Living Desert for some cactus / zoo / playground fun with Kylie! She got her first allowance, spent it on a dinosaur toy and a lollypop, and immediately started crying, "I want my money back!" as soon as we got out of the gift shop. Lesson learned?

 It's STILL Christmas!

 Ocotillo sunrise

 Hola pueblo amigos!

 A fierce ride!

Morning in the desert

 I'm poky, prickly and have two arms...
I'm a cactus!

 Twisty cactus

 Hello spiky friend

 Cactus path

Desert familia

 Chunky saguaro

 Desert beauty


 Lil' drummer

Up giraffe-o-scope!

Goodbye giraffe!

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