Friday, October 7, 2011

Hydra 2

After a good night's sleep, we got up ready to shop! At breakfast, Autumn ended up with some very sketchy bran-mush-cereal with "disgusting milk", but powered through in order to give the "crap-a-rias" her all. We found a few treasures in between touring around town, cat viewing and getting ready to hop on the "Flyingdolphin" back to Athens just in time to do a bit of laundry and catch our flight to Turkey.

Upon our arrival in Turkey, our driver picked us up from to the airport and whisked us off to our apartment for the weekend. Now, I will be the first to admit that our basement / sub-basement rental was NOT my best hotel find. The location was the redeeming factor, but the mini-scorpions were not something that was mentioned in the guidebook or the brochure!!

Once we settled in and finished our pest eradication, we headed out on the town to check out the neighborhood. Near the Grand Bazaar, an old man tried to talk Virgile into some late-night shopping with some friendly soul-patch petting, but we decided not to take him up on his offer of great deals, and instead grabbed some Turkish delight and went off to bed.

 More cobblestone streets of Hydra.

 Cat-a-palooza! These pretty kitties just wanted some of the daily catch from the early morning fisherman.

 Byzantine mosaics at the local town church.

 Time to shop!

 No matter where we go, Autumn can sniff out a cactus a mile away!

 View of the harbor.

Buenos dias Grecia!


The Flyingdolphin!!

Our first sight in Turkey...Turkish Delight!!  Yum :)

View from the room in Istanbul...

Note:  As an additional bonus, there was most definitely a sweatshop on the other side of the apartment across from our razor wire fence in our "Garden Patio".

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