Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Misadventure to Delphi

As some of you may remember, we recently had a failed adventure on the Yucatan....well today kind of reminded us of that.  

This should have been a warning to us.  Eric selected something from the bakery for breakfast this morning that he thought was a delicious ham treat.  Upon opening it, we found this hotdog surprise.

So we finally got off on our way to Delphi.  We passed a lot of cotton trucks with no tops, so their cash crop was just flying out the top.  You can see it on the side of the road!

The landscape at Delphi was amazing.  We could really see why they used to believe the area held magical powers.

After a 2 hour drive from Athens, we found this at Delphi.  Boo.

So we wondered the grounds outside the ruins for awhile.  We saw this mosaic.

We saw an Uruguayan tour group picking these berries to eat later.  Hmmm...

More sweeping vistas...

And more...

This was the cute, but abandoned village near Delphi.  It seemed that no one got the message about the site being closed, as tour bus after tour bus of angry tourists kept rolling in.

At least lunch was good.  It was better than good!  The Greeks have the right idea about salad.  No lettuce required :)

Eric enjoying a mid-afternoon draft.

These agaves reminded of us of Mexico.  I wonder if there is any tequila being made in local bathtubs. 

This ruin was open.  It is the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia.  Pretty cool.

This was an ancient gymnasium where athletes practiced for the local games.

We feel this sums up our trip to Delphi perfectly.

So on our way back to Athens we blindly followed the GPS (my fault) onto a sketchy detour.  We met this turtle along the way.

This was the road.  Eric kept saying "I really feel like this road will end in big water..." (see the above misadventure in the Yucatan for context).

This is the road.  Teehee, whoops :)

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