Saturday, January 21, 2012

Visit Day 2: Xochimilco

This morning we had breakfast at a French/Mexican restaurant, Ivoire, and sat up on the balcony overlooking the park. The food was amazing as usual. After breakfast, my mom and I went to go pick up a van to drive everyone down to the Xochimilco canals. We packed up a cooler with drinks and snacks, and headed out for the day. Since it was Sunday afternoon, the canals were packed way beyond capacity, and we were constantly crashing into other boats. Finally our driver/gondolier pulled a U-turn and took us down a less crowded path. It was much more peaceful and enjoyable. 

We we got home, we whipped up some tamales with tomatillo salsa with and had a quiet dinner at home.

 Breakfast at Ivoire

 Thanks for the hot tip Xochimilco sign, I will drive cautiously just like everyone else opposite land!

 Loading onto our boat for the afternoon, the Mexico Lindo!

 Hay mucho trafico!

 I forgot to bring a bottle opener, but luckily, we had Ruth who could open bottles on a rusty nail!

 Mariachi time!

Ruth, Chris and Mom

Who's ready for a Xochimilico Magic Margarita?

Say cheese!

 Much better...

 So relaxing...

 ...and peaceful!

 Aww..I think its nap time!

 Heading home

 Tamales! Yum!

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