Thursday, January 26, 2012

Visit Day 6: Turibus in Mexico City

Still recovering from Monday and Tuesday's activities, everyone voted on another day of no walking, so we hit the Turibus in Mexico City. This was my third or fourth time on the Turibus, but it was still fun seeing all the main tourist sites of Mexico City again, including some new ones for me. 

Chris, Ruth and I went into Palacio de Bellas Artes, which I had never seen before. It was very weird and involved multiple tickets and us getting yelled at for not having a photo-taking sticker (that was a separate ticket). There were some famous murals that Diego Rivera had painted elsewhere, the original owner was not pleased, tore them down, and the government let him re-paint them here. Otherwise, it was much better on the outside than on the inside!

We got off in the zocalo and toured the National Cathedral, then headed to lunch at the Casa de las Sirenas. The food was incredible and the view was amazing. They even had a little old lady making tortillas by hand in the corner!

We finished our Turibus ride and met Autumn for dinner at La Tecla, a restaurant that one of my mom's friends recommended, and just happened to be a few blocks from our house! Then we spent another quiet evening at home, looking a pictures from the week and chatting.

 Welcome aboard!

 Ready to rock

 The major sights:
The Angel - "Ooh"
The Stock Exchange - "Ahh"
The "Little Horse" Tower - "Gwow!"
and Torre Latinoamericana - "Is that abandoned!?"

 Chris and Ruth with Michaelangelo's David in Roma

 That's about right

Some artist had put up these weird installations all over the old buildings throughout Centro Historico

 The National Cathedral

 Ready to get off now!

 Ruth using the holiest garbage can in Mexico

 Mmmm...Lunch as La Casa de las Sirenas

 Palacio de Bellas Artes

 Mural that Rockefeller had torn out because Diego wouldn't take out the Communists!

Murals that a downtown hotel tore out because they were scaring customers!

Strolling through Centro Historico

 The cute colonial streets

Monumento de la Revolucion

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