Friday, January 6, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

So you know how sometimes you're like, "Man, I really need to go the US for a weekend"?  No?  Well, that's probably because you are already in the US!  For those of us who live outside our home country, sometimes there is just this uncontrollable need to go home for an English-speaking, dollar-spending, hamburger-eating getaway.  So that's how I was feeling a few weeks ago when I booked Eric and I a long weekend in Las Vegas.  Yay, que fun!!

We spent the entire day shopping at such fine establishments as Target (heart), Macy's (double heart) and any other mall/strip mall we could find.  Come night time, though, we hit the strip and had a fantastic dinner at Sushi Samba...yum.

Apparently it's Christmas in Las Vegas until January 9th.  Who knew?

Say cheese...

Our hotel..I wouldn't recommend it.  We got stuck in the elevator twice, and it was pretty low end.  I did like the TV in the bathroom mirror though...

 Hasta mañana!

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