Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eric & Autumn's Photo Safari!

My dad had the day off work, so Eric and I went out to the farm for a photo safari!  We hiked around all parts of the property looking for pretty things to take pictures of....for which there were no lack!!  We are pretty lucky to call this beautiful part of the world our permanent home...even if we don't get to spend a whole lot of time here.

Dad and I preparing for the big hike.

A Ponderosa Pine in all of its glory!

Spring is springing all over the farm.

Buttercups popping through the winter debris.

May Flowers on display.

Tiny plantlets sprouting.

Here I am, showing my true colors!

I love this kind of tree.  It grows however it wants!

The million dollar view.

We found this old piece of machinery amidst the old homesteads.

I almost stepped on this frog, it is so well camouflaged.  Can you see him?

A leaf on snow.  That's right, we walked through snow.

Snowy path...

A look into the woods.

The creek ranging down the hill.

One last peek down the hill.

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