Friday, April 6, 2012


It's Spring Break, so we decided to visit Autumn's besty4ever, Carri, down in Kennewick. We shopped, caught up and laughed, wine tasted and had some great food!

 York and Tiramisu cupcakes from Yummy Cupcakes in Colville

 A sudden snowstorm on the way to Spokane...

 ...2 hours later in Kennewick - sunny skies!

Hibernating grape vines

 One of the dangers of living in Washington wine country...
...drunks driving to your house demanding free samples!

 Oak barrels

Carri and I tasted while Autumn smelled!

 A wall-o-wine!

 Autumn and Carri...say Cabernet Sauvignon!

 Oooh...look at all the awards!

 Carri and Jason with us at Kiona

 We tasted at Fidelitas, Kiona, Terra Blanca (not pictured...oops!), chocolate at Chukar Cherries and finally, Willow Crest

 The amazing views from Terra Blanca

 Witch-hazel in bloom!

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