Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back in Touch With Civilization

Last night, the internet guys came out and installed TV and INTERNET! Score one for Brazil that it only took one visit and one phone call to get it done...Sorry Mexico!

Otherwise, things are pretty similar here to the way they were in Mexico. Driving is hectic, "normal" things are scarce (i.e. a Windex that comes WITH the sprayer top), and it takes a bit longer to get anything done. Here's the weekend roundup in pictures. Skype with us any time! 

...Oh, and we're open for visitors!

 A bebezinha branca ready to head out into the sun!

 In Mexico City, Snob was a restaurant.
In Recife, Snob is paper towels!

Ocean View!

 Back to disinfecting our fruits and veggies! Yay!

 Gimme that coconut!


 I have two teeth!

I love my new playlandia!

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