Saturday, January 26, 2013

International McConfusion

We went to McDonalds for our first weekend breakfast, and it was a McDisaster as usual (see our McPancake fail in Mexico). Brazil has its own menu of breakfast items that does not include our go-to item, the Sausage McMuffin (which they had in Turkey). So, I decided to order one of each of the three breakfast sandwiches to take home and try. After some confusion over the McCroissant, I got my bag and left. Upon arrival at home, I saw that I ended up with a bit more food than intended. Oh well!

Two sandwiches and three croissants...McWhoopsie!
Five breakfasts for one American man must seem to be correct McMath here!

Clockwise from top:
McQueijo Quente do Chef

#McExhausted #McTropicalSwaddle

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