Saturday, January 26, 2013

Recife: Life's A Beach!

Today we finally got out to do something fun and begin to discover our new city.  We spent the morning hanging out on Recife's famous urban beach, Boa Viagem.  For 20 Reais ($10, roughly) we were able to utilize a beach umbrella, 3 beach chairs, a tiny garbage can and a waiter for drinks.  It was time to sit back and enjoy the show, Brazilian style!

I'm too busy working and drinking coffee to be bothered right now!  (I know, I know, gratuitous baby pic!)

Morning coconut delivery.  This sight makes me happy.

Kylie and her dad enjoying the beach.  Looking good Eric!!

Relaxing in the shade.

An interesting, if not entirely safe, pass time.  These guys were being propelled by some kind of fan motor strapped to their backsides...flying these contraptions over known shark infested waters...hmmm...

An adorable bebezinha having a beach nap in her tropical swaddle.
She hadn't slept this soundly since we got here.

Vendors on the beach.  Locally-themed sarongs anyone?  Or beach soup maybe??

That's right, grilled cheese.  Not the sandwich.  We flagged this guy down for a bite.

 Perfectly charred and delicious...and on a stick!

These signs seem to go largely ignored...

Apparently the swings are more of a bird hang out than a kid attraction.

Eric making a call from his umbrella phone.  Like you do.

Free air conditioning with a view.

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