Monday, December 16, 2013

December Round-Up

Summer is in full swing here and that means that Kylie and I are getting out of the house as much as possible to beat the heat! Here's what we've been up to:

 Oh, Autumn went to Rio de Janeiro for a 3 day business trip and took one picture...
...of her room service sushi for one.

 Snowball Cupcakes!
(for the office)

 ...and for us.

 Yes darling, can you point me to the fine jewelry department?

 Ready to romp!

 There's holes to be dug...
...and I'm just the lady to dig 'em.

 Oh hi dad! You thought you could look at Facebook on your phone for 30 seconds? I only needed 5 to learn how to climb up here and stand!

 Where's Kylie?

 There she is!

Our budding artist!

 I love that the package says that these are "artisanal" American waffles!
By the way, aren't these Belgian waffles? 

And yes, that is an ice cream sundae served on top, 
just the way that we eat waffles in America every morning for breakfast!

 Ok, I might need a reality check, because I'm starting to think that 
this looks like a totally legit Lebanese restaurant! Thoughts?

This classy boutique is called "d'fuck", as in "What d'fuck?"
Although with local pronunciation, I think that phonetically, it would be dee-foo-kee
I'm entering this in the t-shirt contest!


 Time for a coconut break!


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