Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I'm dreaming of a HOT Christmas...

Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! HOT!

It is the official "beginning" of summer here, which means that it is still 85° and 100% humidity, just like every other day of the year! But since it's Christmas and its all cold and snowy on TV and Facebook, you really notice it. Also, our Christmas decorations just don't seem quite right with palm trees and the beach right out the window. Oh well...

 Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good tan!

 Why is the tree white?

The theme for Autumn's office holiday party was 80's!
We look so rad, dude!

Now that's commitment!
It's the same haircut that I had in 1987!

We also hosted a Christmas Eve dinner for everyone who couldn't get home this year!
There was a ton of food, friends and fun, but very few pictures. I made a Mexican Turkey, a Hawaiian Ham, NW Cedar Planked Salmon and Israeli Roasted Veggies! All foods from our favorite places!

We did manage to capture the most important things...

...the bar...


 ...and a party dress!

Christmas Day Round 2 Recipe:  Salmon Cakes  - YUM!

Did somebody say PRESENTS?!?

 It's a book!

 What could this be?

 Kitty shoes!



See you in 2014!

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