Monday, December 2, 2013

Visit to Santa's Workshop (of Horror)

Today, Kylie and I went to see Santa with our friends from upstairs. As is our holiday tradition, we went to the mall as soon as it opened, WAY before Christmas to avoid lines, crowds and jaded, over-worked elves. Kylie was a willing participant until it came time to actually take a picture with Santa. As many Facebook comments have supposed, this Santa was definitely NOT to be trusted, totally scary, and possibly *gasp* A CLOWN in the Santa-off season! Needless to say, Kylie screamed in holy terror throughout the photo shoot!

Merry Christmas (of DOOM!)

Ok, let's look at decorations and calm down.

 Let's try again...
...K isn't fooled!

Hey! It's Rudolf's reindeer friends Berenice and Nicolino...
...wait a minute, that's not in the song!

 Later that day in the jungle...


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