Thursday, January 8, 2015

Disneyland 2

After meeting Belle, "Aurora", and Snow White, nothing else was quite as amazing for Kylie, but we still had a ton of fun, especially in the afternoon, after Kristen joined in on the festivities. It was so great to catch up after TEN YEARS! It was like a day hadn't passed (other than the fact that we had at least one million stories to share). We watched the parade and then attended a Frozen play before heading back to the apartment for some Mexican food. (Side note, Autumn had to physically restrain Kylie from running up on stage to hug Anna & Elsa during the play). As usual, we stayed up way to late and had way too much fun, but it was worth it! Can't wait 'til next time, both for Disney and for Kristen! Let's hope it doesn't take another ten years.

 Wheel of Fortune was taping this morning!
Hi Pat & Vanna!

 I gonna hug a princess!

 I am having so much fun!!!


 Where are Anna & Elsa?
Oh....California Adventure...

 Time for face painting!

 So pretty!!



 More teacups!!

 I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!

 Whoooo are yooou??

 Knock! Knock!

 Nobody's home!

 Ready to roll on the mighty Mississippi


 The happiest place on Earth

 Mickey & Minnie


 Hi Genie!

 I gonna hug those princesses again!

 Peter Pan vs. Captain Hook

It's Burt & Mary Poppins

Kylie and Tiana!

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