Saturday, January 10, 2015

Joshua Tree National Park

Today I finally realized a dream I have had since my first visit to a desert park some years ago in Arizona.  I got to see Joshua Tree National Park!  This was a special treat for me as someone who loves the desert and never thought she would have any reason to be here.  Never say never!!

Let's do this!

The Mojave Desert-scape, complete with mature Joshua Trees.

The weird rock formations were just as stunning as the trees.

Joshua Tree close up.

All travelers out enjoying the day.

It may not be a cactus, but I love me some Joshua Tree.

This pic got a favorite on Twitter from the park.  Yay!

Very definitely and credibly rock climbing!  (In Havaianas...)

The desert in life and death.

Joshua Tree poms in the sun.

The surreal landscape, like something out of a movie.

 Say Quesoburgesas!!

Put your hands up!

"Kylie can climb rocks too!!"

A hazy day at Keys View.

But everyone loves Joshua Trees!

Looking into the Joshua Tree forest.

Then we crossed a boundry, and the Mojave Desert turned into the Colorado Desert, and the Joshua Trees turned into fields of Cholla Cactus (!!).

I am just a little excited about these cactuses.

 And they even bear fruit!

It was a really fun day in the high desert with family.  Thanks to Eric for driving, Ron for the company, and Kylie for being cute in pictures and quietly watching Frozen the rest of the time.  Joshua Tree National Park was spectacular, I am so glad we had the chance to visit this national treasure!!

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