Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tracks in the Snow

I'm finally back from Brazil and ready to enjoy home leave with my family.  We make the most out of the first snow!!

We decided to take a (2 mile) walk to the mailbox and back.  There were signs of many wild friends living all around us.  There were bald eagles in the trees and vultures in the field.  The tracks were the most interesting to me, though.  Here are deer tracks.

Kylie is super excited about her ride in the toddler-bogan.

The toddler-bogan may not be the most fun for everyone though.  Someone has to pull the toddler.  :)

Quail tracks!  (Kylie, what does a quail say?  Peep-peep!  Obviously.)

Um, yeah, that's a cougar print.  Or a saber-toothed tiger.  Probably a cougar, though.

Snow angel big girl prints!!

Who lives in there??  lol.

Littler paws, probably coyotes.

Yikes!!  That has claws!!

Turkeys are storming the compound!!

It was super fun to look at all the tracks and play in the snow.  Hopefully there is more to come!!

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