Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today we all got up, dressed in matching shirts (thanks Eric!) and made our way into DC to watch the St.Patrick's Day Parade.  We had great seats in the grandstand looking across at the White House.  It was a beautiful sunshiney day...with a windchill of about 10 below.  It was so cold.  I thought we would turn to solid ice.  Seriously.  Next time I am wearing snow clothes!!

 Top o' the morning to ya!

Washington Monument looking great this morning.

Our matching shirts (dad is too cold to show his!).

Brrr, let's snuggle up!

Daddy's turn!  At least we remembered to bring a blanket for K.

And the parade begins!

Bagpipery, very important element.

I like this picture.

Falls Church representing.

Irish Dancing.  There about 20 different Irish Dancing Groups in the parade.  Also, if I am cold, they must be freezing!!

And then this happened.  Right...

Fun day at the parade!!

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