Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Out and About in Honolulu

Saturday afternoon we arrived in beautiful Honolulu, HI for a few days' stop over before heading to post.  My mom came out to see us off, and we had a really fun week!

Cheese!  Everyone is so happy to finally be together in Honolulu!

Ready to snorkel!

 We took a scenic drive around part of Oahu Sunday.  What a gorgeous view!

Diamond Head Crater on the horizon.

Once we got out of Honolulu and into the less crowded part of Oahu, the scenery turned gorgeous.

There were steep cliffs...

...beautiful, wind-swept beaches...

...rugged, volcanic peaks...

...and lush valleys.

Then we were back in Honolulu, spending time on Waikiki Beach.

Eric even had a swim!  It was too cold for me, though (because I'm a huge baby!).

Killing it in the most awesome sunglasses ever.

 Shopping 'til she drops!

 Late afternoon swim!

We had so much fun in Honolulu, we can't wait to go back!  Thank you mom for making our week so much fun!

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