Saturday, August 22, 2015

Eneko Underwater

 Let's go check out the fish!

 Kylie's ready!

Here we go! 

Blueback damsel? Princess damsel?
Eneko damsel....who knows?

 Staghorn damsels

 Sea fan

 Baby staghorn damsels

 Lemonpeel angelfish

 Foxface rabbitfish and Blue-striped fangblennys

 Bennett's butterflyfish, Staghorn damsel and Tracy's demoiselle

 Black & white coral

 Goldbelly damsel? Bluespot damsel? Neon damsel?
There are too many damsels!

 Crocodile needlefish

 So much coral and so many fish!!

Soft coral

 Blue-green chromis

 More Blue-green chromis and an Oval butterflyfish

 Humbug dascyllus

Blacktail dascyllus

Millions and billions and trillions of fish!

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