Saturday, August 29, 2015

iPhone Roundup - August

Here's what Kylie and I have been up to this month (while on dry land).

 Playing pirate & princess...
...time to fight some giants!

 Playing paper mermaid dolls

 Playing soccer and volleyball in the yard

 Early morning at the airport

 Sunrise silhouette

 Morning blooms

 Finger painting time!

 Majuro is the island of rainbows

 Boat ride over crystal clear waters

 Local kids on a block of styrofoam / homemade boat!

 Kylie's preschool schedule...
...I wish this was my schedule!

 Orange donkey towing princess ball

 Still lagoon

 Homemade swing

 Still life for the art class I started teaching

 Another day, another outfit

 Cooking & baking fun!

 Kylie's first worksheets

 Good morning Mr. Lizard

Story time in the hammock

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