Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kylie's First Snorkeling Trip!

This morning, Kylie asked to try out her snorkeling mask again, which had been way too big until...TODAY! She was very excited to see all the fish, and kept telling me the whole time that, "I just saw a humuhumunukunukuapua'a!"  (aka a triggerfish) Either that or a sweet lips. She did a great job holding her breath and going under water. We'll try it with snorkel another day. Luckily the tide and weather were perfect, and we got a ton of good pictures.

 Ready to see some fish!

 It's a beautiful day in the fish neighborhood

 Good morning Pacific double-saddle butterflyfish


 Lots of traffic in fish-land this morning

 A quick fish meeting

 Pennant bannerfish and a Moorish Idol

 Oval butterflyfish

Fish on parade

What's lurking in those shadows?

Another Moorish idol playing chase with  a Brushtail tang,
a Whitecheek surgeonfish, and a Staghorn damse
What a mouthful!

Baby fish

Who's hiding down there?

Fish party at the grotto!

Time for school

Underwater landscape

Rainbow-colored coral

One more Moorish idol

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