Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And, Of Course, Seattle!

After visiting family in Marysville, we headed south to Seattle to visit friends and more family.  A great time was had, as usual, and it was awesome to see all our friends and Jeannie!!

Kylie's first Trophy!  Yay!  (As a side note, we just figured out that our camera lens was filthy.  Apologies for the poor image quality!)

Snacks in a chair.  What.

Snitters, cinnamon rolls and really good coffee.  I love Seattle. 

No trip to Seattle is complete without a spin through the done on a cloudy weekday when everyone else is at work, and before the weekend tourists are in town.   We finally tried Humbow at the Chinese pastry stand outside by the cheesecake stand.  Holy crap.  I can't believe we lived in Seattle for 10 years with no Humbow.  What a tragedy!

It's fall in Seattle.


Yay, I got my hair fixed at the best salon ever, Gene Juarez, Downtown Seattle.  The stylist, Chi (if that's really your name!!), was unimpressed with the hack-job I was sporting.  She cleaned it up, much better!!

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