Monday, October 28, 2013

Baby Lady Mania!

The new big iPhone OS update meant that I finally downloaded the pictures from my phone. Here are some highlights from the texts that I send to Autumn throughout the day while she is at work.

 Baby computing!

 Coloring practice...'s so hard not to eat the crayons!

 Yarn pool!


 More star noodles...
...or else!


 Sleepy lady!

 Just chillin' with Dad, watchin' TV
(also, I think this outfit needs to go to the too small pile ;)

 Curl, dimple, teeth

 Oh, you think you can play a video game while I'm awake... about I just open up these drawers and pull out all the electronics! Haha!
Baby: 1 - Parent: 0

Cold weather bathing suit!
Thanks Auntie Leah!

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