Friday, October 11, 2013

Farm Day!

We had a visit to the farm today, which included a hike and plenty of photo opportunities, as usual. It's beautiful year-round, but I think that the perma-summer that we have in Recife made the fall foliage and weather seem even more special.

 Good advice for hungry grouches!

 Doing our best grouch faces!

 Fall colors!

 Hot pink is also a fall color!

 Pigs (L to R): Bacon, Sausage, Chop, and Tenderloin
(Ham not pictured!)




 Harvested fields


 3 generations of Kowitzs

 A Familia Oakley 
(That's pronounced Wahk-Lee if you're from Recife)

 Ed, Lynn and a "small" pack of farm dogs

1 up!

 Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Ed

Get a move on or I'll whack you!

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