Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Recife Curtain Call

This week I returned to Brazil to finish my tour and depart.  It was a bittersweet trip, full of good friends and good byes.

 Yes, please get me outta here!!

One more caipirinha from my favorite spot, Quiosque 6 na Boa Viagem.

Okay, so first, I am so mad this came out blurry.  Second, I am going to use it anyway.  After my caipirinha I decided I really needed a coconut.  I asked for one and he asked me if I wanted it to go.  I said yes, so he dropped an unopened one into a bag.  I asked him to open it, so he did, and stuck a straw in it.  2 years in Brazil, and this is the first and only time I walked down the street carrying a coconut in a plastic bag.  Lol.

Recife's other side.  You know, the side not facing the beach.

My first and only acai in Brazil.  It's a little scandalous, I know.  Thanks RA.  :)

One last drink.  Thanks for everything, Brazil.  It has been real.

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