Monday, December 15, 2014

Seattle Aquarium

Kylie was very excited to go to the Seattle Aquarium today! Of all the activities that we told her we would do on our "big trip" this winter, the aquarium was one of the few that peaked her interest. 

We started the day, as usual on our first day in Seattle, at Nielsen's Pastries, for snitters, matcha lattes, etc. It is still a hidden gem, and I am purposely NOT reviewing it on social media, so that it stays wonderful! Next stop was the aquarium, which I think, exceeded baby-expectations, followed by a trip through the market (which was a baby-bummer), followed by nap and a surprisingly forgettable dinner at Roti in Queen Anne.

Starting the day off right!

 Beautiful day for an intense round of 1,000 stairs!


 Thar she blows!

 So, mid-day, mid-week at the aquarium is basically toddler heaven!

 I a JELLY-fish!

 Me and my baby eel!

 Touching with ONE FINGER...
...same rules apply to Christmas trees!

 I gonna sit on that otter!

 Parental treats~!

I will follow that arrow!

 And in a completely unrelated, and delicious dinner....

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