Sunday, December 7, 2014

Visit with Auntie Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn came to visit this week. We had so much fun that we FORGOT to take any pictures! We had a poker party on Saturday and decorated mom's Christmas tree together for the first time in years on Sunday morning. Later that day we guest-chef'd at Paul & Sarah's house and made Chicago-style deep dish pizza's. Monday, we relaxed and cooked up some fresh Alaskan salmon tacos, then took J back to the airport on Tuesday. Love you a ton and had a great time! Thanks!!!

*Also, feel free to invite us over to guest-chef your next dinner party! We're here through January 30!

 Winky-Blinky colored a picture!

 Auntie J and Professor K

 Mr Potato Head!

Hello Professor Baby

I got my own Christmas tree!!
Thanks Grandpa Rich for the custom tree stand!

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